Introduction of the printing paper’s types

(1)Super fine both side coated art paper
Paper gloss higher than the average coated paper, smoothness better, the paper white and meticulous, the performance of bright color printing, level and contrast excellent for high-level color prints.
Applicable to advanced books, catalogs, calendars, posters, covers.

(2) Matt finished art paper
Double-sided with a special flour processing, paper soft and elegant, with fog light effect, fresh and comfortable visual non-reflective, high opacity, printing color saturation and bright degrees, with excellent texture. For antique paintings, atlases, calendars, magazines, books, special issue, catalog, posters and other purposes.

(3) Both side coated art paper
Paper double-sided smooth, white, good gloss, high opacity, the color printing, the effect of bright color pattern of good performance, suitable for color printing. Applicable to general books, catalogs, calendars, posters, covers and other purposes.

(4) Single-sided coated art paper
Sided coating, so the paper single-sided bright, smooth, uniform ink absorption, suitable for single-sided color printing and the back can be carried out on the plastic processing. Applicable to labels, posters, mounted off from the type of paper.

(5) Super ivory writing paper
Paper color is soft and effect ivory, non-reflective and not dazzling, with high opacity and smooth paper, suitable for reading books.

(6) Zoned paper
Paper soft colors, paper smooth and meticulous, non-reflective and not dazzling, suitable for high-level books, pictures.

(7) White writing paper
Paper color white, good thickness, neutral on the plastic production, can be stored for 100 years without discoloration. Applicable to books, books, product brochures, envelopes, stationery, notes, calendars and so on.

(8) Woodfree printing paper
Pulp to long fiber-based, tear-resistant paper strong, very good stiffness, high smoothness, is the best grade paper Dowling paper. Applicable to magazine inserts (transfer orders), books, product brochures, postcards, envelopes, desk calendar.

(9)Magazine paper (High White Magazine)
Paper light, with a glossy glossy, high-white paper, so the more general yellow paper color in the printing effect, better performance and contrast printing color brightness, is the best thin pound senior paper. Applicable to magazines, dm, books, magazines, color brochures, mail-order color promotional materials.

(10)Snow white writing paper
Paper coated by the trace, the color white as snow, paper smooth and meticulous, non-reflective and not dazzling, suitable for high-level books, pictures.

(11)Super special white writing paper
Paper, as the white high, smooth and detailed paper, printed products contrast.

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